Mars And Mercury Conjunction In Eight House

Mars and Mercury Conjunction in 8th house

1) Before knowing the effect of Mars and Mercury conjunction in 8th house we have to know about in Mars in 8th house, Mercury in 8th house and Mars and Mercury conjunction.

2) Mars and Mercury conjunction in 8th house is not consider auspicious. Native may has many sort of issues in his life including marriage, health and mental plain.

3)Native may be suffering from health problem. He may be suffering from incurable disease. He may has weak physique. He may be suffering from skin infection. He may be suffering from eye related disease. He may be suffering from neurological problem. He may be suffering from polluted blood. He may be suffering from piles. He may be suffering from lungs or breathing related disease.

4) Native may be sharp minded and clever. He has awesome fast thinking mind. He has rest less brain. He has straight forward attitude. He may be aggressive in speaking.

5) Native may be argumentive and quarrelsome by nature. He has unnecessary hypocrisy with his relatives and siblings. He has dispute with his friends or brothers. Native may has litigation in his parental property. Due to legal problem he may loss his property.

6) Native may be money minded. He may has hidden source of income. He may earn via own efforts. He may has issues within his family. Native may be head of his family and he has force to taking responsibility of his family.

7) Native doesn’t have a happy marriage life. He may be sensual and having high sexual desires. He may flirty in nature. He may be inclined towards illegal relationship. He may has loss through wicked woman. He may has secret affairs. He may be suffering from sexual disease.

8) Native’s wife health may be weak. His life partner may be facing any sort of accidents. Native may has dispute with his life partner. Husband and wife may has quarrel or fighting. If Mars and Mercury is not well placed then cause for separation or divorce.

9) Native may has facing obstacles in his study. He may be good orator. He may be good in mathematics and data analyst. He may be speculated minded. He may be suffering from financial crisis.

10) He may be suffering from mental stress. He may be suffering from depression. Native may be suffering from accidents which may cause for cuts or loss of blood. This combination may be capable to give unnatural death.

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