Impact Of Date of Birth 25 Or Personality Number 25

Effect of Numerology on people born on 25th day of any calendar month

1) Any person born on 25th day of any calendar month has personality number 25 and belongs to number 7. Number 25 is made from number 2 and number 5 and its total is number 7. So number 25 has natural significant of number 2, number 5 and Number 7. Number 2 means Moon, number 5 means Mercury and number 7 means Ketu. Moon, Mercury and Ketu are not friendly to each others so there may be many sort of contradict in their nature.

Number 25 = 2 + 5 = 7

Moon + Mercury = Ketu

Internal power of Moon and Mercury = Converted into Ketu Energy

2) Native may sensitive and emotional by nature. Native may independant by nature. He may be full with false ego and proudness. He may be very idealistic from nature. He has strong individuality.

3) Native may be kind, liberal and helpful from nature. He may be truthful and honest. He may be always stand with rightness. Native has unstable financial conditions. He may be clever in money making. He loves travels and changes.

4) Native may be very active from mind. He may be restless from mind. He may be fickle minded. His mood may be fluctuated. He has keep false hope from any body. He may be confused minded. He has lack of self confidence. He may be irritating from nature. He may burst under pressure.

5) Native may be creative from mind. He may be imaginative from mind. He may be skillful and full with original ideas. He may be multi talented. He may be very good in making planings and tricks. He may has very good calculative ability. He may be interested in gaining knowledge.

6) Native has hidden quality. He doesn’t show his internal feeling to any one. He doesn’t has emotions for others and show harsh attitude. Native may be impatient in behaviour. He can take impulsive action. He can harm own self from his impatient behaviour or worries.

7) Native may has good intuitive capacity. He may be capable to know hidden truth. He has good occult knowledge. He may be speculative minded. He has high risk taking capacity.

8) Native doesn’t has peace in his mind. He may be deep thinker. He may be very centric towards any matters. He may take extreme pain in his mind. He may be criticizing others. He may facing blaming. He may facing mental stress. He may facing sorts of obstacles in his life.

9) Native may be getting success in tourism or travelling industry. He may be success in film industry or acting. He may be getting success in journalism. He may be success in ocults, healing or spirituality. He may be success in secretariat work. He may be getting success in accounting, clearcial jobs, stock market, sells, insurance, banking etc. He may be getting success in writing, philosophy, books, printing, communication related field, post office, telecom, postoffice, trading business, etc. He may be success in work related to his natural talents. He may getting success in creative team work.

10) Native may be suffering from mental issues such as worries, stress, tension, negative thoughts, depression etc. He may be suffering from head pain or block spot below eyes. He may be suffering from insomnia. He may be suffering from skin infection, blood infection, abdominal problem or lungs related issues. He may be suffering from neurological issues or paralysis.

11) His lucky number is 7. Another favorable number will be 2. His lucky day are Friday and Monday.

12) His lucky stone is cat’s eye. Another favorable stones are Moonstones, pearl, onax and moss agate. His lucky colour is light green. Another favorable colour is pale shade of colour, white or yellow shade. Number 25 can avoid dark shade of any colour.

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