Impact Of Date Of Birth 12 Or Personality Number 12

Effect of Numerology on people born on 12th day of any calendar month 

1) Any person born on 12th day of any calendar month then his personality number will be 12 and belongs to number 3. Number 12 made from number 1 and 2 and his total or root number will be 3. So native has impact of all 3 planet Sun or number 1, Moon or number 2, Jupiter or number 3. We can say like this, his internal power of Sun and Moon converted to Jupiter power. All 3 planet Sun, Moon, Jupiter are friendly in nature, so all 3 planet are cooperating each others.

12 = 1 + 2 = 3

Sun + Moon = Jupiter

Internal power of Sun and Moon = Transform in Jupiter energy

2)Native may has attractive personality. Native may be kind & helpful and gentle in nature. He may be independent by nature. He may be moody by nature. Native may be intelligent and wise. He has good sense of humours. He may be energetic. He may be faithful by nature. He may be open minded and clear hearted. He has modern attitude and never fix own self in any sort of boundaries.

3) Native has good character and good morality. He may take responsibility of own people. He may has caring nature. He will show affection towards others. He may be popular among public. He may be philosopher and scholar person. He may be well known person in his circle due to own knowledge. He will enjoying intellectual conversation. He has positive attitude and active by nature.

4) Native may be good advisor. He has good administrative ability. He has good decision making ability. He has good courage to start any work. He may getting good success in his life and continuous growth. Native has good leadership qualities. His way of presentation of any things may be awesome. He has good speaking and writing capacity. Native may be aimed towards his goals.

5) Native may be full with self proudness. If any body hurted his ego then punished them. He may be ambitious by nature. He may take notice of little matters. He may be internally rigid. He never comes pressure of any body. He has desires to control every things of his life.

6) Native may be friendly in nature. He may be peaceful and sincere in nature. He may be enjoying party and social gathering. He may be power seeker. He may be strong on his decision. He may be imaginative by mind. He has good passions.

7)Native may be suffering from financial crisis in his initial stage. But later due his own knowledge and ability, he can get good prosperity. He may has multiple source of earnings. He has many sort of enemies in his life. He may be travel lover.

8) Number 12 people may be getting success in administrative jobs. He may be getting success in advisor or counselor or lecture. He may be getting success in judiciary field. He may be head of any trust or religious or charitable institution. He may be getting success in politics. He may getting good success in writing and speaking. He may getting good success in field related to his natural talents. He may be getting success in creative field. He getting success in gold business. He may getting success in planning or decision making committee.

9) He may be suffering from throat infection or dumbness. He may be suffering from blood pressure or cholesterol related issues. He may be suffering from neurological problem. He may be suffering from physical and mental stress due to over workload. He may be suffering from head & body pains. He may be suffering from digestive or liver problem.

10)  His lucky stone be pukhraj or yellow sapphire. Another substitute are citrine, tiger eye, yellow hakik, amber and Sun stone. His lucky colors is yellow. His another favorable colors are light red or crimson.

11) Number 12 has lucky day is Thursday and other favorable day are Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. His lucky number will be 3 and other favorable numbers are 1, 2 and 9. His love relationship will be good with 6 and 9.

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