Month: April 2019

Sun And Venus Conjunction

Effect Of Sun and Venus Conjunction 1) Native may be intelligent regarding singing, acting and others arts related matters. He may be expert in above Venus’s qualities. He may earn via above things. 2) Native may has daughter or girl kids. 3) If venus is combust then issues regarding child birth is possible. 4) Native …

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Sun And Mars Conjunction

Effect of Sun and Mars Conjunction 1)Sun and Mars both are fire elements so yuti of Sun and Mars may improve fire elements in body. So it may possible native may be suffering from Overheating, fever and skin related issues. 2) Native may be very ambitious. He may be full with ego or self profoundness. …

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Sun And Moon Conjunction

Sun and Moon Conjunction 1) When ever a chart Sun and Moon in same sign then native may be born either in krishna paksha chaturdashi or Amavsya or Shukla paksha Pratipada. Basically it is known as Amavsya and many traditional astrologer consider it as a dosh. As per vedic beliefs, one have to do shanti …

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