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Effect Of 5th house lord in 7th house

1) Before knowing the effect of 5th house lord in 7th house, we have to know about Fifth house and Seventh house. 5th house lord placed in 3rd from 5th house, so you may read First house lord in 3rd house.

2)In general views 5th house lord in 7th house is not consider so much good. In kalpurush horoscope 5th house lord Sun is debilitated in 7th house, so 5th house lord in 7th house is not good. One another view is 5th house is most auspicious dharma house and 7th house is most important kaam house, so it is not consider good as a dharmadhikari (5th house lord) sits in a kaam house. 

3)7th house belong to marriage. 5th house also belong to love and emotion. When 5th house lord placed in 7th house then native doesn’t following traditional marriage. Native doesn’t do his duty sincerely regarding his marriage relationship. Native may be easily falls in love without so much thinking of traditional boundaries. Native may has affairs before marriage. This combination may be cause of love marriage. Native may be suffering in his marriage life. Native may faces trouble in his relationship. 5th house lord in 7th house may create problems for 7th house natural significant. But if 5th house lord in 7th house is well placed then evil effect may reduced.

4)5th house belong to children. 7th house is 3rd (dussthan) from 5th house and marak house for lagna. So 5th house lord in 7th house is not consider good for children. Native and his children may live away from each other, means native may living in different place and children may living in different place. If 5th house lord well placed then native’s children has good nature. His kid may bring good name & fame for native. Native may be famous through his children. Native’s children may live in foreign country where he get good name & fame.

5)If 5th house lord is not well placed in 7th house then native’s child may be suffering from health problems. If badly afflicted then there may be delay in childbirth or loss of children or childless situation is possible, depending on horoscope. There may be dispute between children and native. Native’s children may go away from native or go to foreign country.

6)7th house is bhavat bhavam for 4th house means belong to study. 5th house belong to knowledge. When 5th house lord placed in 7th house than native may go away from his birthplace for study purpose. If any yoga for foreign travelling then native may go for foreign place for obtaining Vidya or knowledge because 7th house also belong to foreign place.

7)5th house lord in 7th house, if well placed than native may be scholar, having good name & fame, wealthy & rich. Native may be famous in foreign land or may gets success away from his home land.(One unique example may be lord Rama horoscope in which 5th house lord Mars is exalted in 7th house . Yes there had so many other good yog in Lord Rama horoscope, but as still my mind is just plugging Lord Rama horoscope so i mentioned here.) 

8)5th house belong to abdomen, so 5th house lord in 7th house may cause abdominal problems.

9) 5th house and 7th house belong to politics and diplomats, so 5th house lord in 7th house is indicating native may active in politics and may become diplomats in foreign country. All such results may depending on strength of horoscope.

10) When 5th house lord with 7th house lord in 7th house then Native’s child may lives in foreign country. Native may get profits from foreign place. Native may has friendship with scholar and religious person. Native get success in politics. If this combination is not well placed then cause trouble for child birth or cause health issues to children.

5th house lord in 7th house according to classical book of Astrology 

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra 

When 5th house lord placed in 7th house than native may be full with self proudness. He will be endowed with all sorts of rightness and religious thoughts. He has strong physique. He will get best children. He has awesome charm. He may be faithful. 

Vriddha Yavanajataka 

When 5th house lord in 7th house, then his wife may has best children. He may be fortunate, worship own Dev & guru, sweet speaker, having best conduct. 

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