Meaning Of Number Four

Meaning of Number Four or ‘4″

1)Number 4 belongs to Rahu. Western numerology 4 related to Uranus or Negative Sun. So Number 4 has quality of Rahu. Person born with date 4, 13, 22, and 31 is belongs to number 4.

2) Rahu belongs to multi direction, so Number 4 has multi dynamic by nature. He may be very independent by nature and doesn’t follow any sort of boundaries including rules, regulations and social conduct. He has modern attitude. He may be full with big ego.

3) Number 4 may be interested in politics. He may be very expert in doing fraudulent acts. He may has diplomatic attitude. He may criticise goverment or authorities. He may has opposite approach on every matters. He has many sort of hidden enemies.

4) His life may be full with many sort of sudden events. He has to face many sort of struggles in his life. He may be fully materialistic approach towards life. He may accumulate good wealth. He can surprise others via own idea or plan or growth. He doesn’t think about others during executing his plan.

5) Number 4 doesn’t make true friends. He has many sort of friends who are attract towards him But he only use them for own benefits.

6) Number 4 may be very imaginative minded. He may be imagine impossible things and try to execute this and doing hard work beyond his physical capacity. He may be occult lover. He may be interested in black magic or supernatural things.

7) Native may be creating unnecessary hypocrisy. He may be suffering from hidden fears. He may be suffering from mental stress due own creating problems. He will unnecessary show off. He may be suffering from depression or loneliness.

8) He doesn’t have a smooth family life. He has lack of happiness from his kids. He may be interested in affairs or love affairs.

9) Native may has many travelling. He has foreign traveling. He may has danger during travelling. Native may has relationship with foreign matters.

10) His lucky day will be Saturday. His favorable day are Friday. His lucky colour will be grey and electric blue. His lucky stone will be gomed. His favorable stone will be blackish red hakik or black sapphire.

11)His lucky number is 4 and favorable number will be 6 and 8. His relationship may be good with number 4 and 6.

12) Number 4 may be getting success in politics, creative works based on imaginations, printing and drawings, computers, alcohol business, wheels related works, architure, designing, scientist, occults etc.

13) Number 4 may be suffering from vata dosha. He may be suffering from gastric, body pain, or head pain. He may be suffering from blood related problem such as anemia. He may be suffering from mental problem. He may be suffering from breathing issues. He may be suffering from kidney or bladder related issues. He may be suffering from heart issues.

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