Effect Of First House Lord In Second House

Effect of 1st house lord in 2nd house

1)Before knowing the effect of 1st house lord in 2nd house we have to know about significant of 1st house and 2nd house.

2) 2nd house is wealth house. So when 1st house lord placed in 2nd house, native may be fortunate regarding wealth. Native may has good financial conditions. Native may accumulate or earn a lots of money. Native may get huge profits. If 2nd house lord is also conjuncted with 1st house lord then native must be accumulate a lots of wealth according to planet nature (such as gold, silver real estate, liquid money etc).

3)2nd house belongs to face and speech so when 1st house lord placed in 2nd house, native may has attractive physique. He may be clever in speech. Native may has beautiful or attractive face. Native has good teeth. As 2nd house also belongs to eyes so native has beautiful eyes.

4)Regarding speech native may be skilled in speaking. Native may attract others through his speaking ability. Native may be good orator such as he may able to speak continuously. Native may earn through his attractive physical attraction and speaking skills. Native may also able to hidden his bad deeds due to his speaking skills.

5)2nd house is a Marak house so when 1st house lord place in 2nd house, native may be suffering regarding health problem. If 1st house lord is afflicted in 2nd house then it may cause for making balarishta yoga (danger of life in childhood up to 8th year) and alpayu (less age). Native may has many enemy who creates problem for native. Native may face a lots of mental stress.

6) 2nd house also belongs to native’s family so native may has big family. Native may be responsible person regarding his family. If 1st house lord in 2nd house is well placed then native may take his family responsibility with full honesty. If not then try to away from his family responsibility. If 2nd house lord is also with 1st house lord in 2nd house then native may enjoying happy family life. He will success in all his attempts.

7)1st house lord in 2nd house is indicating native may has good name and fame. Native may be kind hearted. He may be helpful for others. He may be good in oral learning and start his education at very early age.

8) Native may be confused regarding his ability means native may have lack of self confidence. Native may be always assume regarding own self that he is in trouble. Native may has less friends and more of them is older from native.

9)1st house lord in 2nd house may cause for more than one marriage. If 1st house lord in 2nd house makes relationship with 7th House or 11th house then Chance of dual marriage is more possible.

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