Effect Of First House According To Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra

All the below combination is applied also for Moon lagan chart.

1) If 1st house lord is making relationship with natural malific either aspects of conjunction or placement of malific in 1st house then native may has weak health and doesn’t has good happiness of body.

2)If 1st house lord in 6th, 8th, and 12th house then also native has not good health and body happiness.

3)If 1st house lord in Trine or Center then native has good health and body happiness.

4) Lagnesh may be it self disease karak if Lagnesh is ast(means close conjunction with Sun) or debilitating or in enemy sign. But condition may be improved if natural beneficial planet in Trine or center from lagan.

5)If Lagnesh or Moon is aspects by natural malefic then it’s reduce physical happiness but if in above condition natural beneficial planet also aspects lagan or Moon then conditions may be improved.

6)If natural beneficial planet in lagan then native will be handsome and charming person.

If natural malefic then native will be not handsome or charming. If beneficial aspects the lagan then conditions may be improved and native has good body happiness.

7) If Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and Lagnesh in Trine or center then native will be long-lived, wealthy, intelligent and dear to King. 

8)If Lagnesh in movable sign and auspicious planet aspects the Lagnesh then native will be wealthy, enjoying good materialistic happiness and good health.

9)If in both Lagan and Moon chart either in lagan or center combination or yuti of Moon – Mercury or Moon – Jupiter or Moon – Venus then native will born with royal mark and enjoying royal happiness in his life.
Born Of children his chord coil is climbed with body parts

1)If either Saturn or Mars in lagan and lagan is either Aries, Taurus, Leo and Sagittarius then his chord coil may be climbing with body parts. Navans(D9) lagan sign (means sign is indicating which body parts of kalpurush) is indicating which body parts chord is climbed.
Born Of Twins Children 

1)If Sun is a sign which is Chatuspad( quadrupeds) means either Aries or Taurus or Leo or Sagittarius last half or Capricorn 1st half and all other planet in duel Sign then twins birth may be possible. 
2)If Rahu in lagan and Moon aspects Rahu(means Moon in 7th house) and in D9 or Navansh chart Saturn and Jupiter in Lagan then twins birth may possible.
Evil For Mother 

If Sun and Moon in same Bhav and same Navansh ( it may only possible in amavasya when Sun and Moon in close conjunction with same Nakhshatra pad) then native will loss his mother happiness( Brest feeding) with in 3 months and after 3 months he will lives on Father or brother.

(It may also indicating either his mother may be died or separate or native has not happiness of mother milk.)

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