Vedic Tithi and acts

Your Daily Routine as per Vedic Tithi 

Based on Vedic Tithi our ancient classical books such as Purana, Sanhita and Muhurta books, we should avoid works on particular Tithi. Today we discuss Vedic Tithi and their preferred acts.

Maas Shoonya in vedic astrology

Maas Shoonya Tithi or Rashi Concept in Vedic Astrology

Maas Shoonya is a malefic yoga in Vedic astrology. Maas Shoonya is made with two words Maas means month and Shoonya means Zero. So, basically, Maas Shoonya is a possible astrological period in a Vedic month where the results of any acts will be zero. Or we get nothing for our efforts.

Visha yoga in astrology

Visha Yoga Muhurta in Vedic Astrology

Visha Yoga is considered one of the evil yoga in Vedic astrology. We frequently hear Visha Yoga made in a horoscope by the conjunction of Saturn & Moon. But today we know about Visha Yoga made by a combination of Vedic day and Tithi.

amrita yoga

Amrita Yoga Muhurta in Vedic Astrology

Amrita Yoga is considered a very auspicious muhurta. Amrita yoga form with a combination of tithi and Vedic days. The output of events done in Amrita yoga will be considered fruitful like Amrit.