Wealth Yoga In Horoscope

Some basic introduction

Before knowing the wealth yoga we have to know Some basic facts. Jupiter is karak of wealth and Venus is also karak of wealth. Jupiter is karak of accumulated wealth such as gold, property, investment, bank fixed deposit etc. Venus is karak of liquidity of money such as cash flow, salary, money on pocket which you can expense. In current time frame Venus is more important to show off that you are a rich person. But in practical ways a rich person must have both sorts of wealth. So he is internally rich and also have good prosperity. Just like Venus is 2nd house lord of kaal purush and Jupiter is 9th house karak of fortune of Kaal purush and both are important.

Now we look the bhav or house, 2nd house is know as wealth house and 11th house is known as Labha sthan or profit house. If we look Arth trikona then 2nd, 6th and 10th house is known as Arth trikona. But we can’t forget role of 9th house as fortune house and 5th house as past life good deeds. Because without fortune and good karma, no one can enjoyed a comfortable life.

1)Simple wealth yoga which are generally present in every horoscope

Kendra house( 1st,4th,7th, 10th house) is known as Vishnu bhav. Trine ( 1st,5th,9th house) is known as Laxmi bhava. 2nd and 11th house is known as Dhan yoga. When ever Dhan bhava is making yuti or exchange with Kendra or Trine then it is consider as wealth yoga.

Dhan Bhav + Kendra Bhav = Dhan Yoga

Dhan Bhav + Trine Bhav = Dhan Yoga

As Trine bhav is known as Laxmi bhava so we can say that Dhan yoga makes with Laxmi sthan is more prosper than Dhan yoga making with Vishnu bhav. But as it is popular among our believe Goddess laxmi is not stable at a place for long time. So we can say that Dhan Yoga is making with Vishnu bhav is more stable than Laxmi bhava.

In the same time there is a story that for prosperity of God vishnu, he needs support of Goddess Laxmi. Once upon a time when Laxmi maa goes away from lord Vishnu then also prosperity of Vishnu is gone away. So the moto of this story for a long lasting wealth we need support of both Laxmi Bhav and Vishnu bhav with Dhan BHav.

Dhan bhav + Kendra Bhav + Trine Bhav = Maha Dhan Yoga

2)Importance Of Well placed Jupiter and Venus

As we know that Jupiter and Venus is karak of Wealth. So for a rich person Jupiter and Venus must have a good strength and well placed in chart. Now we know some point so we can say Jupiter and Venus is well placed in chart.

  • As per me, at first i will give more importance to Ashatakvarga to know the actual positive strength of any planet. So Jupiter and Venus must have more than 4 AV in natal chart for their natal position. As per me 6 or more than 6 AV of both Jupiter and Venus can make native wealthy and rich. In the same time sign where Jupiter and venus is placed, must have more than 30 SAV.
  • If both Jupiter and Venus is well placed in Kendra or trine or 2nd or 11th house then it is consider very good for wealth.
  • If strong Jupiter and Venus is conjugated or aspect strong and well placed lagnesh then it is making a powerful dhan yoga.

3)Importance of 5th house and 11th house relationship

There is chapter in Brihat Parasar hora shastra related to Dhanyoga. In this chapter i have observed Sage Parasar is giving huge importance to relationship between 5th house and 11th house regarding wealth yoga. So if 5th house and 11th house lord is well placed in horoscope and either conjugated, aspect or having exchange with each other then it is making a powerful dhan yoga. If 5th house and 11th house lord have exchange then it is a very very powerful dhanyoga in comparison of other possible yoga making with 5th house and 11th house lord.

4)Some basic Ashatakvarga qualification for good wealth

As we know that any bhav has more than 30 SAV is consider strong and we assume that bhav is giving good results. Here we have to look for wealth and money and prime house for wealth is 2nd and 11th house and Prime karak planet for wealth is Jupiter and Venus. For Jupiter and Venus we read above. Now we look for 2nd house and 11th house.

  • 2nd and 11th house has more than 30 SAV then native has good wealth. More SAV then more wealthy native.
  • House where 2nd and 11th house lord is placed must have more than 30 SAV.

5)Importance of Saturn, Venus and Jupiter Nadi relationship.

Saturn is karak of Profession or Karam Karak Planet and Venus and Jupiter is dhan karak planet. In Nadi their is a little variation Jupiter is jeev karak, Venus is dhan karak and Saturn is Karam Karak. If any chart their is nadi relationship between all 3 planet then it is making an awesome dhan yoga.

Jeev +Karam+ Dhan = Dhanyoga

Jupiter +Saturn+Venus = Dhanyoga

Nadi relationship means

  • Jupiter, Saturn, Venus is conjugate in same house or aspect each other.
  • Jupiter,Saturn,Venus is trine to each other.
  • Jupiter,Saturn, Venus are 2nd-12th, 3rd -11th to each other.

6)Importance of Rahu

In brihat parasar hora shastra Rahu is assumed as karak of Prosperity. So well placed Rahu in chart then native may be rich. If Rahu is associated or trine with Venus, Mercury and Saturn then native may be rich. Same time if the depositor sign of Rahu has more than 40 SAV then native may has good wealth.

7)Good dasha for Wealth

During dasha of planet maintained in Point number 1 to 3 can give good results. During dasha of planet who is making dhan yoga can give good wealth. If we look nakshatra nadi then during dasha of any planet who gives significant of house 2nd and 11th can gives wealth, but the main question wealth coming source. If 2nd and 11th with 10th then via profession, if 2nd and 11th house with 5th house then by selling property, if 2nd, 11th house with 9th house then by luck or fortune.

If by house activation method any house is active which has more than 30 SAV and that house has any well placed planet then during those activation period native has good wealth. House activation method applied in any rashi dasha or Sudharshan chakra dasha.

8)Good Transit for wealth

  • During any transit of Jupiter when Jupiter has more than 4 AV and those months where Venus has more than 4 AV, native has good financial condition.
  • When Jupiter and Saturn has more than 4 AV during transit and both are transit in that sign where more than 30 SAV then native may has good period regarding money and prosperity.
  • When Jupiter transit over Natal Venus or trine to Venus then that year financial condition may be good.
  • Saturn and Rahu transit over Natal Venus or trine to Natal Venus is also consider good regarding money matters.
  • If all Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu is transit to trine or 7th or natal to Venus then very good period regarding money matters.

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