Visha yoga in astrology

Visha Yoga Muhurta in Vedic Astrology

What is Visha Yoga Tithi in Muhurta Astrology

Visha Yoga is considered one of the evil yoga in Vedic astrology. We frequently hear Visha Yoga made in a horoscope by the conjunction of Saturn & Moon. But today we know about Visha Yoga made by a combination of Vedic day and Tithi.

Formation of Vish Yoga in Panchang

Visha Yoga is forming due to below conditions

  1. Sunday & Chaturthi Tithi
  2. Monday & Shashti Tithi
  3. Tuesday & Saptami Tithi
  4. Wednesday & Dwitiya Tithi
  5. Thursday & Ashtami Tithi
  6. Friday & Navami Tithi
  7. Saturday & Saptami Tithi

If any of the above conditions are satisfied then we consider that day as Visha Yoga Tithi.

Impact Of Visha Yoga as Per Vedic astrology

  • Visha means Poison. So, Visha Yoga is harmful just like Poison.
  • Any person born on the day of Visha Yoga may have the danger of Poison. Their thoughts may be destructive from nature.
  • Kulnasaka (destroyer of own family) is the word used in the classical book of astrology for Visha Yoga. So, a native born on the day of Visha yoga can cause shame, humiliation, or destruction to his family. But until the horoscope doesn’t have another strong indication, we shouldn’t predict such harsh results. Simply we can say, such natives may cause issues for their families.
  • Such people may have to be careful regarding their food habits because they have a danger of food poison.
  • We shouldn’t start any acts or work during Vishayoga tithi. Because the outcome of work or events maybe not be favourable for the native.  

Visha Yoga with Dagdha Nakshatra

If both Visha Yoga and Dagdha Nakshatra formed in the same days then creating the worst evil dosha. We already discussed Dagdha Nakshatra. So, possible Visha dagdha yoga will be,

  1. Sunday, Chaturthi Tithi, Bharani nakshatra
  2. Monday, Shashti Tithi, Chitra nakshatra
  3. Tuesday, Saptami Tithi, Uttarashadha
  4. Wednesday, Dwitiya Tithi, Dhanishta
  5. Thursday, Ashtami Tithi, Uttara Phalguni
  6. Friday, Navami Tithi, Jyestha
  7. Saturday, Saptami Tithi, Revati

In the above combination, the native may have to suffer extremely malefic results. Just like a person suffering the fire of hell.

If also Dagdha Rashi concept then we can able to locate the possible problems or crux in their life.

remedy of Visha Yoga

Remedies for Visha Yoga as per Vedic astrology

Generally, remedies are based on the horoscope of the Native. But here we mentioned general remedies for Visha yoga.

  • A powerful remedy for Visha yoga is doing the “Om Namah Shivay” mantra Jaap per day.
  • Offer water and Crud to lord Shiva can reduce the effect of Visha Yoga.
  • Dip on holly river Ganga
  • Morning walk in fresh air( before sunrise)
  • Consuming enough water per day can also reduce the negative effect of Visha yoga.
  • At least you have to detoxify your body once a year by using naturopathy.
  • You can take cold milk or curd to reduce the negative effect of Visha dosha on health.
  • You can use medicated water( menthol, neem, tulsi, rose, lavender) for bathing.

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