Upketu And Their Effect In Twelve House

Introduction of Upketu

Most of us know the dhoomketu or comet star. It is looks very beautiful when visible in the sky. Upketu is assum as Dhoomketu. It is popular that when Dhoomketu is Visible in the sky some evil effect in this world. It is also said where upketu is placed in the horoscope, it may cause fall from height, wounds , obstacles and dangerous from Sky thunder. 

Calculation Of Upketu 
  • Just Substrate 30° from Sun longitude, we get Upketu. 
  • Upketu = Sun – 30°(1 Sign)

Let’s see in Example chart 

  • Sun is placed in Taurus sign. 
  • Sun longitude = 117°37’33”
  • Upketu = 1.17°37’33” – 1.0°    = 17°37’33” 

So in above chart Upketu is placed in 10th house in Aries sign 17°37’33”.

Effects Of Upketu in Different Houses 

1)First House –  When Upketu is placed in 1st house, Native may be skillful in all sorts of knowledge. He may be happy and expert in speaking. He may be dear to all. His all desires may be full fill. 

2) Second House – When Upketu in 2nd house, native may be eloquent speaker. He may be sweet in communication. He may be handsome. He may be writer. He may be scholar and honorable. He may endowed with happiness of vehicles and pleasant in nature.

3)Third House – When Upketu in 3rd house, he doesn’t has great heart. He may be doing cruel acts. He may has thin and lean body. He may suffering from financial crisis. He may be suffering from disease which may impact native on aggressive ways. 

4) Fourth House – When Upketu in 4th house, native has good fortune regarding materialistic happiness. He may be handsome. He will be endorsed with good qualities. He may be satvic in nature. He loves shruti (Ved).

5) Fifth House – When Upketu is placed in 5th house, Native may enjoy materialistic happiness. He may has good knowledge of arts. He may be expert in tricks and intelligent. He may be eloquent in speaking. He may be inclined towards devotion of his guru. 

6) Sixth House – When Upketu is placed in 6th house, it may prove evil for maternal relatives. He may destroy his enemies and relatives. He may be brave and charming. He will be sharp minded. 

7) Seventh House – When Upketu is placed in 7th house, native may be gambler. He may be sensual. He may be interested in materialistic happiness. He may keep friendship with whores. 

8) Eight House – When Upketu in 8th house, Native will be doing sinful acts. He may be wicked mentality. He may be shameless. He may be criticizer. He does has happiness of women. He may be suffering through his enemies.

9)Ninth House – When Upketu in 9th house, native may be wear religious symbol. He may always desires to happiness of all. He may be experts in religious activities. He may be happy. 

10)Tenth House – When Upketu in 10th house, native may be endowed with all sorts of happiness and fortune. He may be dear to women. He may be always surrounded by knowledgeable person. 

11) Eleventh House – When Upketu in 11th house, native may be always getting profits. He may be very religious. He may be honorable. He may be wealthy. He may be brave and fortunate. He may perform rituals. He may be scholar. 

12) Twelfth House – When Upketu in 12th house, native may be inclined towards sinful acts. He may be cruel and no humility. He may be brave. He may be inclined towards others wives. He has hot temper. 

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