Sun And Venus Conjunction In Twelfth House

Sun and Venus Conjunction in 12th house

1)Before knowing the effect of Sun and Venus conjunction in 12th house we have to know about Sun in 12th house, Venus in 12th house and Sun and Venus conjunction in 12th house.

2) Native may be rich and wealthy. He will be inclined towards luxurious life style. He may be famous. He may be kind hearted. He may be spiritual person.

3) Native may has misunderstanding with his father. He may has thoughts differences with his father. His(father) financial may improve after birth of native.

4) Native may has issues regarding eye sight. He may be suffering from insomnia or migraine. He may be suffering from indigestion.

5) Native may be sensual by nature. His wife may proudful by nature. Native may has ego problem with his wife. Native doesn’t having good morality. He may be not broad minded. He may be fallen in sense. Native may has issues in his marriage life. He has dispute with his wife.

6) Native may be facing financial crisis. He may be suffering from loss in business. He may has issues with governments. He may facing tax related issues with governments.

7) Native may has many enemies. He may getting victory over his enemies. He may be powerful. He may be very dangerous from thoughts.


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