Sun And Venus Conjunction In Eleventh House

Sun and Venus Conjunction in 11th house

1) Before knowing the effect of Sun and Venus conjunction in 11th house we have to know about Sun in 11th house, Venus in 11th house and Sun and Venus conjunction.

2) Native has good name and fame. He may be getting awards or honor. He may be natural leader. He may getting promotions and higher post.

3) Native may has sound health and may have long life. He may has eye sight problem. He may be brave minded and doesn’t have fear from any one. He may has abdominal problem. He may be sensual by nature.

4) Native may getting support and profit from authority or government. He may has friendship with royal person. His friend circle is powerful and rich. He may has many enemies.

5) Native may be getting success in his life. He may getting success in stock market. He has all sorts of materialistic happiness. He may be money minded. He may getting help via women.

6) Native may be either elder or having reputations like elders in his family. He has responsible for his family. He has ego problem with his wife.

7) Native may has more daughter. He may be facing issues regarding child birth. His father may be rich after child birth.

8) Native may be inclined towards royal and luxurious life styles. His desires may be very high and most of desires may be full filled.

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