Sun And Saturn Conjunction In Eleventh House

Sun and Saturn Conjunction in 11th house

1) Before knowing effect of Sun and Saturn Conjunction in 11th house we have to know about Sun in 11th house, Saturn in 11th house and Sun and Saturn Conjunction.

2) Native may be natural leader. He has awesome leadership quality. He may be brave from mind. He may be very ambitious. He may be crocked by nature. Some time take wrong attempts due to his ego.

3) Native has lack of family happiness. He has to take responsibility of his family. He has problem with his wife. He has sexual discomfort with wife. He may has issues regarding child birth. He has some sorts of discomfort with his kids. His kids may has health issues.

4) Native may wants to work independently and doesn’t like interference of others. He may getting profit by industry. He may be getting benefits by lower class people.

5) Native may getting profit from authority or governments. He may be awarded by authority and getting higher post or promotions. He can earn profit via goverment sources. He may has tax related issues with government.

6) Native has good name and fame. Native may be wealthy and rich. He may be facing financial crisis in early age of life and later he will be earn good. Native has friendship with royal family or authoritative family.

7)Native may be political minded. He may has many enemy. He may getting good success in politics.

8) Native may be long lived but having health related issues. He has abdominal problem. He may be suffering from body pain and fever. He may has issues related to bones. He may be suffering from gastric or abdominal issues. He may be suffering from heart related issues.

9) Native’s father may has hardship in his life. He will be rise in life by own self effort. Native and his father may has misunderstanding.

10) Native’s elder sibling may has health related issues. Native may has dispute with elder siblings regarding parental property.

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