Sun And Rahu Conjunction

Effect Of Sun and Rahu Conjunction

1) Sun and Rahu conjunction is not consider good because both are natural enemies to each other. This is known as Grahan yoga and it will reduced the natural significant of Sun. Some says it is Pitru dosh.

2) Native may be full with false ego. He may be short temper.

3) Native may be wicked and crooked from inner heart. He may be political minded. He may be cheater and expert in doing frauds.

4)Native and his father may lives separated. Native may has misunderstanding with his father. His father may has health related issues. His father’s life may be full of struggles and hardship.

5) Native may has issues regarding child birth. Native may be suffering from miscarriage. Native may has delay in child birth. He may be getting children by surgery. His kids may has health related issues.

6) Native’s grand father may be very reputed and famous person. But due to some unnecessary circumstances, his father may be not able to enjoy all this prosperity.

7) Native may be selfish from brain. His internal confidence level may be week but no one able to known this facts.

8) Native may has issues with his boss. Native may be getting problem regarding his promotion. Native may be facing issues with government. He may be getting notice regarding tax matters from governments.

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