Sun And Rahu Conjunction In Tenth House

Sun and Rahu Conjunction in 10th house

1)Before knowing the effect of Sun and Rahu conjunction in 10th house we have to know about Sun in 10th house, Rahu in 10th house and Sun and Rahu conjunction.

2) Native may be brave and intelligent from brain. He may be wicked and crooked from inner heart. Native may has good name and fame. He may be expert in manipulating others for own profit.

3) Native may be very ambitious and having big self respect which will be turn into his ego. He may be expert in frauds and fishing others.

4) Native may be active in politics and too much political minded. He may be head of village town etc. He may be very good in creative or imaginative acts. He may be criticizer of goverment policy.

5) Native may be getting success in his life by own self efforts. He can do any things for getting success in his works. He can earn via hidden sources. He may has unstable professional life.

6) Native may has misunderstanding or disputes with his boss. Native may has tax related issues with government. He may facing legal problem with authorities.

7) Native may be in government jobs or getting profit via governments. Native may be medical profession. He may be working in IT sector or MNC. Native may be business minded or having good risk taking capacity. He may be interested in batting or gambling.

8) Native may has lack of satisfaction. He doesn’t satisfied with own profession. He has high sexual desires. He may be suffering from mental stress. Native has weak health.

9) Native may has misunderstanding with his father. Native and his father may lives separate. Native’s father health may be weak. Native may has issues regarding child birth. His kids health may be weak.

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