Sun And Rahu Conjunction In Sixth House

Sun and Rahu Conjunction in 6th house

1)Before knowing the effect of Sun and Rahu Conjunction in 6th house we have to know about Sun in 6th house, Rahu in 6th house and Sun and Rahu conjunction.

2)Native may be selfish and full with false ego. He may be wicked and crooked from internal heart. He may be short temper. He may be brave but having internal fear.

3) Native has many enemies and having stress from them. But native may get victory over his enemies. Native may be Powerful person. He has good name and fame. He may be wealthy.

4)Native may be in goverment jobs. He may has issues with his boss. Native may has dispute with goverment. Native may has tax related issues with goverment.

5) Sun and Rahu conjunction is known as grahan yoga or pitru dosh. Native may has danger from sprites and negative energy. He may be suffering from psychological issues or mental stress.

6) Native may has issues regarding child birth. Delay in child birth is possible. It may also cause for miscarriage. His kids health may be not good. His wife’s health may be also weak. Native may has expense on his wife’s health.

7) Native’s father may has hardship in his life and facing struggles. He may misunderstanding with his father and lives separate from his father. His father may involved in illegal activity. Father’s health may be down.

8) Native may be political minded and getting good success in politics. He may be cheater and expert in fishing others. He may be fraudulent regarding loan matters. He may has foreign travelling.

9) Native may has digestive problem such as gastric related issues. He may be frequently suffering from fever related issues. He may be suffering from heart related problem. He may be suffering from hidden disease. He may be suffering from disease related to dental or lips. He may be suffering from disease related to ulcer in anus.

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