Sun And Rahu Conjunction In Eleventh House

Sun and Rahu Conjunction in 11th house

1) Before knowing the effect of Sun and Rahu conjunction in 11th house, we have to know about effect of Sun in 11th house, Rahu in 11th house and Sun and Rahu conjunction.

2) Native may be brave and courageous. He may be full with false ego and proudness. He may be wicked and crooked by nature. He may be selfish and short tempered.

3) Native may be natural leader and having very good leadership quality. He may be political minded and actives in politics. He may be expert in politics and also expert in cheating or frauds.

4) Native may has good name and fame. He may getting power and positions. He may be getting promotions during dasha. He has friendship with royal person. He may be expert in making friends and use them for own profits.

5) Native may getting profit from authority and governments. He may getting honored by authority or governments. He may has issues with his boss. He may getting notice regarding tax matters. He may earn by illegal source of income. Native may has profits from foreign places.

6) Native may has misunderstanding with his father. Native may lives separate from his father. His father may has health related issues. Native may has issues with his elder siblings. He may be assume that he may be karta  or head of his family. He may be taking mental stress regarding own responsibility.

7) Native may be wealthy and rich. He may be strong inclinations towards accumulating wealth. He may be purely money minded and having high desires. Some time suffering from frustration due to not getting success to full fill his desires.

8)Native may be getting success in stock market or gambling or occult. Native has many enemies. He may be getting victory over his enemies.

9) Native may be long lived but may be suffering from many disease. He may be suffering from ear or legs related issues. Native may has abdominal problem. Native may has issues in his marriage life. He may has issues in his child birth. His kids may be suffering from health related issues.

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