Sun And Mercury Conjunction In Seventh House

Sun and Mercury Conjunction in 7th house

1)Before knowing the effect of Sun and Mercury conjunction in 7th house we have to know about Sun in 7th house and Mercury in 7th house and Sun and Mercury conjunction.

2)Native may be handsome with natural attraction. He may be well dressed. He may be intelligent and skilled. He may be helpful in nature. He may be full with self respect.

3) Native may has issues in marriage life. Husband and wife has thought differences, ego problem and dispute with each other. Both may detached with each other and hates each other.

4) Native’s wife may be good in looking. She may be belong to higher status. She may be argumentive by nature. She may has criticizing nature. She may has weak health.

5) Native may be well skilled in business. He may getting success in business. If Sun and mercury is not well placed then facing displeasure of government and authorities. But he may be facing authorities with very intelligent ways.

6) Native may has good knowledge of tips and tricks. He may be good in logic and arguments. He may be not so much polite in social conduct and assumed own self as a big boss.

7) Native may be interested in politics. He may be criticizing by nature. He may be involved in criticizing government or authorities. He may be suffering from humiliation.

8) Native’s internal vitality may be weak. He may be suffering from high body heat. He may be suffering from fever. He may be suffering from  neurological problem.

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