Sun And Mercury Conjunction In Eight House

Sun and Mercury Conjunction in 8th house

1) Before knowing the effect of Sun and Mercury conjunction in 8th house we have of know about Sun in 8th house, Mercury in 8th house and Sun and Mercury conjunction.

2) Native may be intelligent and clever. He has sharp sense. He may be expert in hidden tricks. He may be skilled. He may be fickle minded but brave. In same time he has internal fear for own death.

3) Native has attractive personality. He has good oratory power. He may be pleasant and respectful in behavior. He has good self respect and knows own brand value. He may has very stander life style. He has good name and fame. He may be helpful in nature,

4) Native may has lack of vitality. He may has ill health and weak physique. Native may be suffering from brain or head injury or disease. He may be suffering from skin or face injury. He may has eye sight problem. He may has breathing or lung problem. He may be suffering from neurological problem.

5)Native may be well mannered. He may be pleasant in speaking. He may facing separation with family. He has responsibility of family. Native may has dispute with relatives.

6)Native may be suffering from unstable financial condition. He may has good liquidity of money flow. He may be suffering from financial loss.

7) Native may has inclinations towards spirituals activities and religious activities. He may be earn by hidden sources. He may earn by own efforts and occult. He may be earn via speculations.

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