Sun And Mars Conjunction In Tenth House

Sun and Mars Conjunction in 10th house

1) Before knowing the effect Of Sun and Mars Conjunction in 10th house we have to know about in Sun in 10th house, Mars in 10th house and Sun and Mars conjunction.

2) Native may be brave and energetic person. He may be man of action and giving quick response. Native may be intelligent. He may be ambitious and full with ego. He may be rigid which will cause for own self goal.

3)Native may be successful in his profession. He may getting victory over own competitor. He may be popular due to his work. His success is based on his own self efforts.

4) Native has good name and fame. He will be known as powerful person in society. He may be head of society. He may be interested in politics. He will like to hear his own compliments.

5) Native may be working in government organizations. He may be working in famous M.n.c. He may be doctor or physician or working in other medical stream. He may be working as administration. He may be working in armed force or police.

6)Native may be wealthy and rich. He will accumulate wealth via own efforts. He will get blessing of government regarding money matters. He will get parental property. He may accumulate property via own efforts.

7) Native may be cruel and wicked. He believes to punished others on their faults. He may assume own self as a big boss.

8) Native may be suffering from over heating. He may be suffering from fever. He may be suffering from skin rashes.

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