Sun And Ketu Conjunction

Effect of Sun and Ketu Conjunction

1) Sun and Ketu conjunction is known as Pitridosh. This conjunction is not consider good.

2) Native may has eye sight related issues. Native may be frequently wear spectacles.

3) Native may be facing issues regarding child birth. He may be blessed with child after doing faithful remedy.

4)Native may be spiritual from heart. He has good knowledge of religions and try to criticize current religious believes.

5) Native may be full with self proudness. He may be doesn’t tolerate regarding his ego hurt. He may be very panic regarding own personality.

6) His father may be spiritual person. His father may be doing religious deeds. Native may be suffering regarding happiness of father or may be detachment with father is possible, specially death of father before 18 is possible( depends on chart, it is just possibility, don’t be take very serious on this point).

7) Native may has high body heat. He may be suffering from fever or skin rashes.

8) His maternal grand father may be very popular and famous person.

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