Sun And Ketu Conjunction In Seventh House

Sun and Ketu conjunction in 7th house

1)Before knowing the effect of Sun and Ketu Conjunction in 7th house we have to know about Sun in 7th house, Ketu in 7th house and Sun and Ketu conjunction.

2) Native may has fair color but having less hair. Native will be full with self proudness and ego. He doesn’t tolerate any body who is hurt his ego. He doesn’t have a very good social conduct. He may be spiritual from heart and having good knowledge of religious believe.

3) Sun and Ketu conjunction in 7th house is not consider good for Marriage life. It will destroy 7th house natural significant and improve the negative results. It will also improve marak effect of 7th house. Native may has foreign travelling.

4) Native doesn’t have a happy marriage life. Native may has ego with his wife. Native may has quarrel with his wife. Both may hate each others. Native may be suffering from humiliation or defame. He may be interested in bad women.

5) Native and his wife may has dispute with each other. It may also cause for detachment with each others. Native and his wife may be facing legal issues. It may cause for separation or divorce or death of wife, depending on chart. It may also cause for late marriage or denial of marriage.

6) Native’s wife may be quarrelsome and arrogant in nature. She may be authoritative in behavior. She may belong to royal and famous family. She may be short in temper and violent in nature. She may has bad social conduct. Native may has loss through women.

7) Native’s wife may has health issues. She may be suffering from hormonal problem. She may has issues related to ovary or fallopian tube. Native may has issues regarding child birth.

8) Native’s has low vitality. He may be suffering from health issues. He may be suffering from heart related issues. He may be suffering from skin allergies. He may be suffering from fever. He may has weak eye sight and wear spectacles. It may also cause for accidents.

9) Native may has issues with goverment or boss or authority. He may be suffering loss in his business due tax related issues. Native may be criticizer of goverment policy. Native my has issues in his partnership business.

10) Sun and Ketu conjunction is not consider good for father. Native and his father may lives separate with each other.

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