Sun And Ketu Conjunction In Ninth House

Sun and Ketu Conjunction in 9th house

1)Before knowing the effect of Sun and Ketu conjunction in 9th house we have to know about Sun in 9th house, Ketu in 9th house and Sun and Ketu conjunction.

2) Native may be full with ego and proudness. He may be ambitious. He will be try to show off own self. He may has panic attitude regarding own personality. He may doesn’t tolerance any body who hurt his ego. Native may has very good powerful communication styles.

3) Sun and Ketu conjunction in 9th house is consider as Pitridosh. It will impact native’s fortune, prosperity and child birth. Native may get fortune only after his own efforts and hard work.

4) Sun and Ketu conjunction in 9th house is not consider good for his father. His father’s health is not good. Father may be suffering from long lasting disease. If Sun and Ketu conjunction is badly placed then death of father may be possible before 18 year of native.

5) Native may has dispute or misunderstanding with his father. Native doesn’t obey his father. Native doesn’t have good happiness from father. Native may be separated with his father. His father may has hardship in his life. Native may be doing shameful acts which may cause insults of father.

6) Native may be religious and spiritual from heart. He may be involved in religious and spiritual activity. Native may has strong faith on god. He has good knowledge of religious faith. Native will go for spiritual travelling or temple or shrine. It may possible he doesn’t following his parental religions. He may be criticizer of religious believes. If chart supported then native may be extremely religious and involved in tantra and mantra shakti.

7) Native doesn’t has good marriage life. He doesn’t has good relationship with his wife. Native may has issues regarding child birth. Sun and Ketu conjunction in 9th house is not consider good for his children.

8)Native doesn’t has sound health. He may be suffering from mental stress. He may be short in temper and loss his passions. Native may be cheap in behavior. Native has eye sight issues and wear spectacles.

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