Sun And Ketu Conjunction In Eleventh House

Sun and Ketu Conjunction in 11th house

1)Before knowing the effect of Sun and Ketu Conjunction in 11th house we have to know about Sun in 11th house, Ketu in 11th house and Sun and Ketu conjunction.

2)Native may kind and diplomatic in behavior. Native may has royal behavior and very well in speech. He may be intelligent and skilled. He may be full with self proudness and ego. He may be panic regarding own personality. He doesn’t tolerate any body who hurt his ego.

3) Native may has good name & fame and reputation. He may win prize or awards. He has royal friends. He may be siddhantvadi and always take step as per as future prospective. Native may be spiritual from heart.

4) Native may has quality of natural leadership. He may be active in politics. He may become leader of any organizations. He has many enemies but he will be getting victory over his enemies. Native may be brave and courageous by nature.

5) Native may be rich and wealthy. He will be money minded and habits of accumulating wealth. Native may getting success in his life. Native may be earn via speculations. He may getting success in stock market. Native may earn via spirituality and religious work out.

6) Native may be getting profit from authority or government. Native may getting promotions or higher post. Native may be inclined towards luxurious life styles.

7) Native may has trouble in marriage. Native may has issues regarding child birth. Native’s children may has issues regarding health. His kids may leave away from native. Native’s father may has health issues and may cause for death of father before 18 year of his age.

8) Native may be elder in his family. If native is not elder than his status like elder in his family. Native may karta or head of his family. Native may has ego problem with his elder sibling. He may be separated with his family.

9) Native may has eye sight related issues and he may wear spectacles. He may has abdominal problem.

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