Sun And Jupiter Conjunction In Tenth House

Sun and Jupiter Conjunction in 10th house

1)Before knowing the effect of Sun and Jupiter conjunction in 10th house we have to know about Sun in 10th house and Jupiter in 10th house and Sun and Jupiter conjunction.

2) Native may be brave and intelligent. He may be full with self respect and courageous. He may be kind and helpful in nature. He may be faithful and knowledgeable person. He may be religious and sattvic by nature.

3) Native has good name, fame and respect in society. He may assume own self as boss or king and having desires other may give him respect like king.  He may be powerful person and highly reputed person. He may be head of society or his locality.  He may be rich and wealthy and having all sort of comfort.

4) Native may be getting success in his all work or acts. He has very high morality. He may be teacher or jujde or adviser. He may be very well educated even from famous institute. He may be active for social welfare activity. He may be working in medical profession.

5) Native may be in government jobs. He may be administration or authoritative jobs. He may be working in famous or big Mnc company. He may be getting support or profit from authority. He may be dear to authority. Native may be interested in politics.

6) Native may be getting promotions. He may be famous in his professional field. Native may has sound health. He may earn property via own efforts.

7) His father may be famous and reputed person. He may getting paternal property. He must have a son who may be famous.

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