Sun And Jupiter Conjunction In Fifth House

Sun and Jupiter Conjunction in 5th house

1) Before knowing the effect of Sun and Jupiter Conjunction in 5th house, we have to know about Sun in 5th house, Jupiter in 5th house and Sun and Jupiter conjunction.

2) Native may be intelligent and wise. He may be well learned and logical by nature. He may be scholar and well versed in ved, vedanga, astrology and Mantra shastra. He may be able to siddh any mantra and very good reciter of Mantra.

3) Native may be full with self respect and ego. He may be ambitious and having king type attitude. He may be rigid on his decision but fickle by minded. He may be active by nature and responsible for his duty.

4) Native has good name and fame. He has good reputation. He may be faithful person. He may be kind and helpful. He may getting awards and prize.

5) Native may be religious and he has good faith on God. He has modern attitude regarding religion. He may be satvic by nature. He may visiting religious shrine.

6) Native’s kids may be intelligent and wise. His first kids may has good name and fame and position in his life. Native may facing some issues regarding child birth. Native’s grand father may be also reputed person.

7) Native may has good speculative power. He may earn via stock market. He can earn via batting or other speculative ways but all in legal ways. He may be wealthy. He may has abdominal problem.

8) Native may be very good adviser. He may be diplomat or secretary. He may be government officer or having relationship with king or government. He has support from government or authority.

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