Seventh House Lord In Eleventh House

Effect of 7th house lord in 11th house

1)Before knowing the effect of 7th house lord in 11th house, we have to know about Seventh house and Eleventh house. As 7th house lord placed 5th from own house, so you may read First house lord in 5th house.

2)11th house belongs to upachaya house. When 7th house lord placed in 11th house then 7th house lord improve natural significant of 7th house.

3) 7th house belongs to kaam trikona and 11th house is also kaam trikona. When 7th house lord placed in 11th house than native may be sensual from nature. Native may be naturally capable to attracting opposite gender. 7th house belongs to marriage. So, when 7th house lord placed in 11th house than it may be possible native may has more than one marriage. Native may has affairs or relationship with many women or native may be flirting in nature.

4)11th house is house of profit and 7th house belongs to marriage or wife. So, 7th house lord in 11th house is indicating, native may be getting wealth from marriage. Native may be fortunate regarding earning after marriage. Native’s wife may be belongs from rich family. Native may be earning with help of his wife. His wife may be a working women or earning women. Native’s wife may be comes from relative family such as family belongs to elder brother or his Mamaji.

5)7th house is belong to partnership and bhavat bhavam of 10th house of profession house. When 7th house lord placed in profit house than native may get profit from his partnership business. Native may be getting success in his professional life regarding profit making. 7th house belongs to women, so native may earn profit via help of women or native may has profit through women. Native may be earning from foreign place or far away place.

6)7th house is marak house, when 7th house lord placed in 11th house than marak capacity of 7th house will be improving. Again, 11th house is house of happiness regarding lifespan (ayu), so 7th house lord as a markesh in 11th house will effect native’s life span. When 7th house lord is not well placed in 11th house than it may cause effect of life span badly. It may cause health problems to the native.

7) 7th house lord from 11th house aspects on 5th house, so it has impact on 5th house. In general views it is not consider good regarding child birth. According to sage parashara, it may cause birth of girl child. It may also cause evil related to sons. But, if well placed then native may has very good son. His son may be very helpful regarding his earning and professional life.

8)11th house belong to elder brother and 7th house is 9th from 11th house, so if 7th house lord is well placed in 11th house then his elder brother may be very fortunate. But if not well placed then it may be cause marak for his elder brother.

9) When 7th house lord with 11th house lord in 11th house than native may be very wealthy. Native may get huge success in his professional life. He may get profitable business partner. Native may be expanding his business in very far away place from his birthplace or in foreign. If not well placed then it is not good for elder brother or native’s life span or his health.

10) If you want to know about effect of planet in 11th house you may read Planet in 11th house.

7th house lord in 10th house according to classical book of astrology

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra

दारेशे लाभभावस्थे दारैरर्थ समागमः।
पुत्रादिसुखमल्पं च जनः कन्याप्रजो भवेत् ।।

Simple meaning of this shloka is, if 7th house lord placed in 11th house than native may be gain wealth through his wife. He may has less happiness of sons etc. Native may has more daughter as children.

Vriddha Yavanajataka

When 7th house lord placed in 11th house than native’s wife will be devoty of him. She may be beautiful. She has best conduct. Native may be getting wife via ritual marriage. She may suffering from issues at the time of his child birth.

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