Scorpion Ascendant According to Classical Book Of Vedic Astrology


The Scorpion Ascendant people have round shaped thighs and knees. He has big eyes and chest. He will be sick in childhood. He will be not getting happiness of elders and father. He will doing cruel acts. He will be considered main person in royal status families. His hand and feet has special mark of lotus.

Jatak Parijat 

Scorpion Ascendant people will be idiot in nature. They are looking cruel by eyes. They will be very fickle minded. They will be honourable and long-lived. They are wealthy and scholar. They are hostile to good men. They love arguments or dispute.


The person born as Scorpion Ascendant he will be fleshy in looking and having broad limbs. He will be sharp minded and crooked by mentality. He is brave by nature. He is dear to his mother. He will be ready to fights and liberal by nature. He has majestic and tawny eyes. He has prominent chest. He has sunken belly and depressed nose. He will be adventurous. He will be firm and firecy in nature. He will be trustworthy person. He will be interesting person. He will be suffering from Pitta related disease. He will have big families. He will have dispute with his elders and friends. He will be inclined towards others wives. He has attractive face. He will be servants of kings. He will be suffering from enemies. He has good wife. He has affection towards religion. He will be base minded.

Scorpion Ascendant native has broad, tall, and fat body. He has deep-set,reddish, blazing eyes. He has massive eyebrows and a low-hanging belly, and a nose that is slender in the middle.
Scorpion Ascendant person will be sharp, firm, aggressive, and fierce by mind. He is impatient of war and whose character is rough. He is a jealous person. He does what his mother wishes. He is a hero who is fighter and creator of obstacles.
He gets delights in injuring his friends and elders and eats (the food) of others. He tries to seduce other men’s wives. He has big family and flourishing wealth. His brothers are hateful and relatives will be wicked.
He has many sons.He will destroys confidence of others. He will be suffering from bile-disease. He will be suffering from mental stress. He is liberal man whose face is full of holes. He serves the king and has various groups of enemies. He has many wives who has attained righteousness (dharma).one who is righteous (dharma) even in everlasting activities and gets wealth and honour by resorting to service. A man who dies because of such things as his enemies’ killing him, his drinking of intoxicating liquors, faults, his passion for women, or imprisonment.

Vridh Yavanjatakm 

The person born as Scorpion Ascendant, he will be firece in nature. He is very proudy. He is very courageous. He has good knowledge of science. He will have good knowledge of literature. He gives honour to them who help him. He has not good fortune. He has many types of stress.

Bhavratna Ratnakar
1. An association of Jupiter and Mercury brings in wealth.

Logic – Jupiter is 2nd and Mercury is 11th lord so creating wealth yog.
2. If Jupiter is in Capricorn, the native will be charitable.

Logic – Jupiter is functional beneficial and placed in 3rd and aspects 9th house and 11th house. So I think charitable.
3. If Sun, Mercury and Venus are in Taurus, the Mercury dasa confers lots of fame and power. 

Logic – Sun is 10th house lord and placed in 7th house. Again Mercury is 11th house lord placed in 7th house. 7th house lord in 7th. All this is very great combination regarding name and fame.
4. When Jupiter and Mercury are in Pisces with Moon in Virgo, the native will be fortunate.

Logic – Logic making famous Gajkeshari yog and Neechbhang Rajyog.
5. If there’s a Jupiter-Moon-Ketu combine in Cancer, the Ketu dasa will be ordinary but the Jupiter dasa excellent. 

Logic – Jupiter is excellent and making Gajkeshari yog and active during dasha.

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