Moon And Saturn Conjunction

Effect Of Moon And Saturn Conjunction

1) Moon and Saturn combination is popular as Vish yoga which is consider as a malefic dosh. In Nadi astrology it is known as chandramauli yoga which is consider good for some sort of religious progress. In kp astrology it is known as Punrphu or Punrabhu yoga.

2)If Moon and Saturn combination is present in birth chart then native may be born with Midphase of sade saathi. So it is again a negative point of this combination.

3) Native may be lazy in nature. Even all his events in life may be delay. Native may be looking old than his original age.

4)Native may be suffering from depression. Native may has many negative thoughts. Most probably his thinking may be down grade.

5) Native may be inclined towards worshiping of Lord Shiva. He may be interested in mediation. Even after worship of Lord Shiva most of his problems may be sort out.

6) Native may has issues in his marriage life. He may has delay in his marriage or child birth. As per as classical his wife doesn’t has good nature.

7) Native’s mother may has health related issues. She may be suffering from gastric. Some sort of misunderstanding with mother is possible. Native may abuse his parents. As per as some classical books, native’s mother may has some sort of secret disease which is transfer to native via genetically.

8) Native may be suffering from cold and cough related issues. Native may be suffering from low blood pressure issues. He may be easily comes under influence of others.

9) Native’s profession mayn’t be stable via nature. May be he change his profession in every 5 or 10 year. He may has financial insatiability. He may be getting good success in professional life after 30 year of age. He may change his place for profession.

10) Naive may be in professional related to travelling. His profession may be belongs to water or liquids. He has  to take many attempts to get success in his work.

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