Moon And Mercury Conjunction

Effect Of Moon And Mercury Conjunction

1) Moon and Mercury are enemy in nature, so in general point of view, it is not consider good. Native may be emotional in nature. Native may be clever and intelligent.

2) Native may be handsome in look. He has attractive smile. He may be flirty in nature.

3) Native may has fickle mentality due to which he is not able to use his intelligence in right time and right place. He may be confused.

4)Native may be expert in scientific thoughts. He has some unique quality. He has very good understanding of words.

5) Native may be a good comedian or having good poetry knowledge. He may be famous and fortunate.

6) Native may be facing blaming. He may be cheater or suffering from cheating.

7) Native’s mother may be intelligent. His mother’s sister may be change his place.

8) Native may has good intuition. He may be suffering from mental stress.

9) If above combination is not well placed then cause for mental disease. He may has neurological issues.

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