Moon And Mercury Conjunction In Seventh House

Moon and Mercury Conjunction in 7th house

1)Before knowing the the effect of Moon and Mercury conjunction in 7th house we have to know about Moon in 7th house, Mercury in 7th house and Moon and Mercury conjunction.

2) Native may be handsome in look and having attractive smile. He has good physique and flirty in nature. He may be emotional and sensitive by nature. He may be intelligent and clever by nature. He may be jealous from mind.

3) Native’s wife may be beautiful and wis. She may belongs to reputed family. Her nature may be royal and respectful. She may be learned by nature. She may be faithful by nature.

4) Native may has lack of satisfaction with his wife. He may has argument or dispute with his wife. He has lack of sexual comfort. Both may blame each other or criticize each others. Native and his wife may has legal problem. If Moon and mercury is badly affiliated then may cause for separation from his wife.

5) Native may be sensual by nature. He may be interested in another woman. He may be inclined towards illegal relationship.

6) Native may be fickle and restless from mind. He is not broad minded. He may try to show off. He may be always well dressed. He has good social fame.

7) Native has good education. He has scientific thoughts. He has good understanding of words. He has good skills. He may be expert in tips and tricks. He may be good writer and mathematician.

8) Native may be good orator. He may has pleasant nature. He has good name and fame. His name & fame and prosperity will increase after change of his place. Native has good business skills. He may get success in business.

9) Native may be travel lover. He has many sorts of journey. He may getting profit from foreign place. He may be wandering from nature.

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