Moon And Mercury Conjunction In Fifth House

Moon and Mercury conjunction in 5th house

1)Before knowing the effect of Moon and Mercury conjunction in 5th house, we have to know about Moon in 5th house, Mercury in 5th house and Moon and Mercury conjunction.

2)Native may be handsome by look and attractive smiles. Native may be emotional and sensitive by nature. Native may be kind and respected by nature. He has pleasant mentality. He may be jolly minded. He may be timid in nature.

3) Native may be intelligent and clever by nature. He has good learning capacity. Native may be scholar. He has clear & scientific thoughts. He has good logical ability. He will get good education. Native may be very good in calculations and tricks. He may be getting success in speculations.

4) Native may has good speaking ability. He may be good speaker or orator. He has good understanding or words. Native may be good comedian or poet. He may be flirty by nature and dual minded. He may use to talk duel words. Some time due to his fickleness, he may not concentrated about his learnings.

5) Native may get happiness of children. He has good number of children. He may has more daughter. His kids has kind & good nature. His kid may be looking cute and handsome.

6)Native may be religious and he has good faith on god. He may be spiritual by nature. He may be very good in mantra pronunciation. He can siddh mantra. He has good knowledge of traditional books. Native may be astrologer or expert in such type of intellectual acts.

7) Native may be fortunate and rich. He has good wealth. He may getting support from government or authority or secretary or minister. He may be good advisor or mathematician. He may be minister. He may be diplomate.

8)Native may has unstable profession. He may has up & down in his profession. He has many sort of change in his jobs.

9) Native may facing blaming. He may be cheater. He may be suffering from mental stress. He may be suffering from cheating. He may be suffering from neurological issues.

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