Moon And Ketu Conjunction

Effect Of Moon and Ketu Conjunction

1)Moon and ketu conjunction is consider worst conjunction. It is known as grahan dosh.

2)Native may has very panic nature. He has unnecessary concentric mind, means taking high level stress for any matters. He has very huge false ego.

3)Native may be suffering from mental stress. He may be suffering from depression. He can harm own self due to his excess emotions. As per as classical this combination may gives suicidal thoughts.

4)Native may be suffering from high blood pressure. Native may be suffering from worms. Native may be suffering from blood infection which may cause for skin rashes or pimples or other such type of issues. Native may be suffering from dehydration or lack of water level in body due to excess body heat.

5)Native’s mother may has health issues. His mother may be spiritual lady. Native may has lack of happiness of mother and mother land. Native may has lack of domestic happiness.

6) Native’s maternal grand mother may has spiritual inclinations. Maternal grandfather may change his place. He may face any sort of flase blaming.

7) Native may be short temper and suddenly exploded to any body.

8) Native has fair look. But he may be suffering from any cuts or wounds.

9) Native may has to worship lord Ganesha with lord shiva to avoid above evil effect.

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