Moon And Jupiter Conjunction

Effect of Moon and Jupiter Conjunction

1) Moon and Jupiter Conjunction is known as famous Gajkeshari Yog. It is a very auspicious yoga.

2) Native may be handsome and sincerer in look. He may be little fatty by look. He may be kind and helpful from mind. He may be polite in nature.

3) Native has stable mind. He may be wise. He may be very good adviser. He may be natural teacher.

4) Native may be religious by nature. Native may has good moral conduct. Native may always stand with rightness.

5) Native’s mother may be religious and true worshiper of God.

6) Native may change his birth place. He may has many travelling aspects.

7) Native may be brave and his voice may be very loud. He may be getting victory over his enemies. But he may be show his fickleness.

8)Native may be fortunate. He may be wealthy. He may be head or karta of his family.

9) Native may be believe in true friendship. He has very good attachment with own friends. This combination may cause for true love and love marriage.

10)Native will get support of public. Native has good respect among own relatives. He will protect own people.

11) Native may be suffering from cold and cough related issues. He may be suffering from cholesterol related issues. He may be facing blaming.

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