Meaning Of Number Eight

Basic meaning of number 8 or Eight

1)Number 8 belongs to Saturn. So number 8 has natural quality of Saturn. Any person born with date 8, 17, 26 belongs to number 8.

2)Saturn is karak of death so generally number 8 is not consider good. Number 8 related to destruction, death, disease, misfortune, revolution, anarchy, dark side and dark energy etc. At same side Saturn is karak of true knowledge and ultimate truth so number 8 related to very deep knowledge, spiritual knowledge, occult, religious belief, old tradition and philosophical attitude.

3) People with Number 8 may be has many sort of struggles in his life. He may be hard worker. But he doesn’t get easy success. He may be misunderstood by others. Society may has some negative outlook for him. He doesn’t get good respect from society and facing humilations.

4) Due to wrong behaviors by others, he may be inclined towards live lonely. He may be busy in own self or interested in own jobs. He has good strength and good passions. He may be very sincere in nature. But others seems he may has rude and harsh behavior. Many people has keep enmity with him without any reason.

5)Native may be very deep thinker. He has philosophical attitude. He may be interested in deep religious knowledge. He may has good knowledge of religious books and traditional values.

6) After initial struggle he may getting good success. He may play important role in society. Even some time after death of him, he may be praised for his work and people give tributes to him.

7) Number 8 people may getting good education and knowledge. After initial struggle in his education he will get good education. Number 8 people may be either having big success or big failure in his life. If he will be ambitious by nature then getting goverment jobs.

8) Number 8 people doesn’t has good relationship with his father, family and friends. His relative and family may dishonoured his help. Number 8 people may has to suffer from great sorrow, loss, or humilations. He will give great sacrifice in his life.

9) Number 8 lucky number is 8 and another favorable number will be 4, 6 and 5. His relationship number will be 4 and 6. His lucky day will be Saturday. Another favorable day will be friday and wednesday. Sunday and Monday has also important role in his life.

10) Number 8 lucky stone will be Neelam. Another favorable stone are amethyst, kaka nili, larjvart, black diamond, and black pearl. His lucky colour will be blue. Another favorable colour is black, dark grey, purple. His has to avoid light colour.

11) Number 8 people may be getting good success in labour work, construction, steel or tin or iron related work, industry, coal or woods related work, chicken farm, animal farm, police or force, gym, law related work, astrology or spirituality etc.

12) Number 8 people may be suffering from gastric, liver, intestines related issues, head pains, rheumatism, poisons etc. Number 8 may be suffering from serious neurological issues.

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