Mars And Venus Conjunction In Seventh House

Mars and Venus Conjunction in 7th house

1)Before Knowing the effect of Mars and Venus Conjunction in 7th house we have to know about Mars in 7th house, Venus in 7th house and Mars and Venus Conjunction.

2) Native may be attractive and handsome by look. He will be attract opposite gender by own personality. He may be aggressive, arrogant and sinful minded person.

3) Native may be sensual by nature. He has high sexual desires. He may has affairs or illegal relationship. Even cause for more than one relationship. Native may be under control of woman. He may be facing loss through woman or defeated by woman.

4)Native has early marriage or physical relationship at early age. His wife may be royal and beautiful. Wife loves him very much.  Native and his wife may dispute in relationship. Mars and Venus conjunction in 7th house is not consider good for marriage life. They have mental stress in relationship or lack of satisfaction in relationship.

5) His wife’s health may be weak. She may be suffering from hormonal problem. If venus is badly placed in 7th house then may cause for death of wife or separation or divorce from wife.

6) Native may be natural gambler and inclined towards speculation. He may be money minded and aggressive in money making. He may be very good in calculation regarding profit. He may be getting success in partnership business.

7) Native may has materialistic approach towards life. He may be inclined towards luxurious life styles.He has happiness of vehicles and property.

8)Native may be getting success in his professional life by own efforts. He may be getting help of women in his profession. He may accumulate happiness by own efforts. He may getting success in dancing.

9) Native’s health may be weak. He may be suffering from anxiety or hormonal issues. He may be suffering from vehicle accidents.

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