Mars And Venus Conjunction In Second House

Mars And Venus Conjunction In Second House

1)Before knowing the effect of Mars and Venus conjunction in 2nd house we have to know about Mars in 2nd house, Venus in 2nd house and Mars and Venus conjunction.

2) Native may be handsome and fair in look. He may be suffering from pimples and cut on face. He may be capable to attract opposite gender due to his magnetic luster on face.

3) He may be sensual in nature. He has high sexual desires. He may be fall in love. He may has early marriage. He has lack of satisfaction in relationship. His wife is bold in nature and husband will be charming in look.

4) Native may has loud voice and sweet in speaking. He may be aggressive in speaking but way of presentation is beautiful. He believes in speaking. He may be argumentative. He may be very good poet. He may be sweet in speaking.

5) Native may has good wealth and luxurious life styles. He has good materialistic happiness, He may has own vehicle and house. He will enjoying good foods and drink. He has a lots of property.

6) Native may be money minded attitude. He may be aggressive in money making. He has very good calculative ability for money. He may be natural gambler. He can earn money via own self effort and hard work where luck is in favor of native. He doesn’t be kind regarding money matters. He may has issues within family for money matters.

7) Native has good success in his life. He may has good knowledge regarding “how to win a war with help of money”. He may be reputed person. He has good power due to money. He may be internally crooked and fraudulent.

8) Native’s siblings may be rich and wealthy. Native may be getting profit with help of siblings. Native’s financial condition improve after marriage.

9) Native may be suffering from eye sight problem.

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