Mars And Saturn Conjunction In Second House

Mars and Saturn Conjunction in 2nd house

1) Before knowing the effect of Mars and Saturn in 2nd house we have to know about Mars in 2nd house, Saturn in 2nd house and Mars and Saturn conjunction.

2) Native may be reddish in look and having ugly face. He may looking old than his actual age. He may be suffering from pimples and mouth ulcer. He may has deform or uneven teeth and suffering from tooth pain. Mars and Saturn conjunction may cause for cuts on face.

3) Native may be rigid in nature and harsh in speaking. He may be speaking in aggressive ways and having loud voice. He may be quarrelsome and criticizer in nature. He may be unsocial in nature. He may be argumentative and speaking first then thinking the impact of his words. He has dividing nature.

4) Native may has weak financial status. His life is full with obstacles and hurdles. He has to work hard and a lots of self efforts for his earnings. He may be suffering from misfortune. He may be suffering from loss of wealth due to government.

5) Native may be money minded. He doesn’t be kind regarding money matters. He may accumulate good property. He doesn’t kind regarding money matters. He may earn via minerals or metals or expert in metallurgy. He may be in technical profession. He has issues in his professional life. He may be facing harassment at workplace. In most cases native may be successful at workplace at 1st Saturn return.

6) Mars and Saturn conjunction in 2nd house is not consider good for family of native. His family member may dispute or quarrel. His family may has dispute for ancient property. Native doesn’t has good family happiness.

7) Native may has bad food habits. He may be full with negative thoughts. He may be false speaker and lair. He may be lawyer. Native may be sensual in nature. Native may has issues regarding his marriage.

8) Native may has eye sight problem. He may has issues in his cornea problem. He may be suffering from accidents. He has danger from fire or weapons or animals. He may be suffering from cuts or wounds. He may be suffering from hemoglobin issues or mussels problem. Mars and Saturn conjunction in 2nd house may be cause for Marak in kundali.

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