Mars And Rahu Conjunction in 11th house

Mars and Rahu Conjunction in 11th house

1)Before knowing the effect of Mars and Rahu conjunction in 11th house we have to know about Mars in 11th house, Rahu in 11th house and Mars and Rahu conjunction.

2) Native may be brave and courageous by nature. He may be energetic by nature. He has good mental strength. He may be man of action and his all action may be money oriented. He may be wise and clever but rigid in nature.

3) Native may be aggressive by nature. He may be short & angry temper. He may be secretive by nature. He may be harsh in speech and cruel minded.

4) Native may be money minded and greedy in nature. He may be getting profit from real estate. He may be wealthy and rich. He has all sorts of materialistic happiness. He will earn huge profit. He may be speculative minded and can earn good via speculation. He has sudden and unexpected profit or loss.

5)Native may be powerful person. He has good name and fame. He will get good position in society. He has friendship with powerful or politicians. He has good leadership qualities. He has many sorts of enemies. He may getting victory over them but disturbance by enemies will be always there.

6)Native may has issues regarding child birth. He may has limited number of kids. He may has issues with his siblings. Native doesn’t has good relationship with his elder and younger brother.

7) Native may get profit from foreign sources. He has foreign travelling. He may earn through industry. He may be earn by agriculture or farm house. He may has illegal source of income. Native has many friends and expert in friend making.

8) Native may be flirty in nature. Native may has issues in his marriage life. He may has affairs. He may be sensual by nature and having high sexual desires. Native may be suffering from false blaming, legal issues, police case or jail related issues.

9) Native may has danger from fire or accidents or sharp weapons. He may be suffer from disease. He may be suffering from ear or dental issues. He may be suffering from gastric related issues. He may be suffering from virus related infection. He may be suffering issues related to polluted blood.

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