Mars And Mercury Conjunction

Effect of Mars and Mercury Conjunction

1)Native may be argumentative in nature. He has very good logical ability. Native may has awesome fast thinking capacity. He may be always state forward attitude.

2) Native may be aggressive in speaking. He may be eloquent speaker. If not well placed then it may cause for issues in speaking. Native may be quarrelsome.

3) Native may has skin rashes issues. Native may be suffering from financial crisis. As per as classical native may be doing goldsmith business.

4) Native may be studied commercial study. He may be study charted accounted type study. He may facing issues in his studies, it may cause for breaks in studies. He may be angry businessman.

5)Native may be flirty in nature(male native). In woman chart husband may be flirty in nature or having affairs. This combinations may cause for break in love affairs. Native and his wife may has quarrel or dispute. Native may be interested in wicked woman and divorce lady or widow lady.

6) Native and his siblings may has dispute or arguments. Native may has issues or legal problem in land with his brother.

7)In female chart, native’s husband may be business man or doing commercial activity.

8) Native may be very active regarding physical activity. Native may be sportsman or player.

9) As per as classical, native may be expert in medicine or may be doctor.

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