Mars And Mercury Conjunction In Third House

Mars and Mercury Conjunction in 3rd house

1)Before knowing the effect of Mars and Mercury conjunction in 3rd house we have to know about Mars in 3rd house, Mercury in 3rd house and Mars and Mercury conjunction.

2) Native may be brave and courageous by nature. He may be flirty in nature. He has good physical and Mental strength. Native may be fully energetic by nature. He doesn’t hesitate from do any physical work out.

3) Native may has dispute or argument with his siblings. He may lives separate with his siblings. Native may has legal issues with siblings related to property or land.

4) Native has good name and fame. He may be powerful person. He has very good fast thinking capacity. He has straight forward nature. He may be very clever up to cunning level. He may be very good in sport, play or dancing.

5)Native may be aggressive and eloquent speaker. He may has very good logical ability. He may be very smart to use own communication style for making profit. He may be very good in learning. He may be a very good diplomat.

6) Native may be argumentative. He may be quarrelsome by nature. He doesn’t defeat in any war or fighting. He may has many enemies at his workplace. Even his co-worker may create problem for him.

7) Native may earn good wealth via own efforts. He may be too much action oriented. He has tendency to finish a work which is starting. He may be suffering from financial crisis.

8)Native may be good in mathematical calculation. His study in commercial section such as C.A. etc. He may has issues in his study or facing in breaks in his study.

9) Native may be suffering skin rashes. He may be suffering from mental stress. He may has fast thinking mind and expense own mind in unnecessary matters.

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