Mars And Ketu Conjunction In Third House

Mars and Ketu conjunction in 3rd house

1)Before knowing the effect of Mars and Ketu conjunction in 3rd house we have to know about Mars in 3rd house, Ketu in 3rd house and Mars and Ketu conjunction.

2) Native may be brave and courageous. He has good physical and mental strength. Native may be very energetic. He may be very active. He may be a very good player. He may be adventurous by nature.

3) Native may be hard worker. He doesn’t hesitate to do any sort out any work. He has power to struggles through bad position of his life.

4) Native may be powerful. He will try to show off his power. He may be natural fighter. Native will get victory over his enemy. He doesn’t defeat in war or fighting. His enemies get fear from him. He has revenge taking attitude. If any body hurt him then he will react very brutally.

5) Mars and Ketu conjunction in 3rd house is not consider good for siblings. Native may has misunderstanding or dispute with his siblings. His siblings may has health related issues. Native may has separation with his siblings. If not well placed than cause death or serious health issues.

6)Native may be harsh or rude way of communication. He may be aggressive and quicker in communication. He may be full with self proudness or ego. He may be wise & clever but his “I am First” attitude of native can cause issues for him.

7) Native has good name and fame. He may be wealthy and rich by own effort. He may be gambler and having very good risk taking ability.

8) Native may be short in temper and volatile in nature. He has bad habits regarding misunderstanding. He may be taking unnecessary panic and suffer from mental stress.

9) Native may be suffering from hand injuries. He may be suffering from accidents. He may be facing injuries during travelling. He may be facing excess body heat. He may be suffering from skin rashes. He may be suffering from blood pressure.

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