Mars And Jupiter Conjunction In First House

Mars and Jupiter Conjunction in 1st house

1)Before knowing the effect of Mars and Jupiter conjunction in 1st house we have to know about Mars in 1st house, Jupiter in 1st house and Mars and Jupiter conjunction.

2) Native may be attractive and sincerer in looking. He may be kind and helpful in nature. He may be reddish in look and tall in height. He may be religious, honest and truthful in nature. He may has good physical strength.

3) Native may be brave and full with courage. He may be fully energetic and capable to do any things even it is beyond his physical capacity. He may be adventurous by nature. He may be full self confidence. He may be very independent by nature and doesn’t under control of any one.

4) Native may be powerful and wise person. He may be natural leader who is capable to leads the mass. He may be expert in war tactics. Means he knows how to use his words or action to show his power or he may be clever in actions. He believes in action in place of thinking.

5) Native may egoistic and rigid in nature. He may be aggressive and short in temper from brain. He will show his aggression regarding violence or fighting with others. He believes in punishment when finds others faults. He has attitude that “my ways is highways’ or ‘i am always right”.

6) Native may be wealthy and successful. He has good growth in his life. Native may be learned person. He may be hopeful person. Native may has materialistic approach towards life. He has philosopher thoughts. He has good knowledge of science and engineering.

7) Native’s siblings may be reputed person. Native may has good relationship with his siblings. He may getting support from his siblings.

8) Native may be long lived and sound health. If Mars and Jupiter is not well placed then native may be suffering from liver problem. He may be suffering from skin rashes. He may be suffering from high blood pressure. He may be suffering from cholesterol.

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