Libra Ascendant According To Classical Book Of Astrology


The person born as Libra Ascendant, he will be active from his activities. He is lean from physique. He has few children. He is very inclined towards worship of name of God and Brahman. He will be wandering in nature. He has two name(means two types of images in society). He is tall in looking. He will be skillful in trading. He has good passions. He is practical in behavior.

Jatak Parijat 

The person born as Libra Ascendant, he has charming eyes and looking handsome. He will getting honoured from government. He is scholar or learned person. He will be very inclined towards worship of name of God and Brahman. He will be inclined towards music,dance etc and sexual intercourse. He will be fortunate regarding women, wealth and lands. His front teeth is n closed to each other. He is peaceful from nature but he has poisonous thoughts. He will be fickle from mentality  and very timid in nature.


The person born as Libra Ascendant he will have uneven physique. He has not good morality. He is fickle minded. He has unstable wealth or his financial condition may be suffering from up-and-down. He has not good physical happiness. He may be suffering from Kapha and Vata related diseases. He will be found of arguments. He will be broad from face and tall in heights. He will be talking very much regarding rightness or dharma. He will be facing a lots of sorrows type feelings. He has good intelligency. He will be harmful for others reputations. He has black and beautiful eyes. He will be inclined towards welcoming guests, God and Brahman. He will be involving in trading type activities. He will be devoted to his Guru and elders. He will be honorable person. He will be helping others just like father. He will be truthful and soft in speaking. He will be handsome. He will be dear to his brothers. He will be head person amount community. He will be pure from heart. He will be helpful for his relatives even his relatives is wicked. He is charitable. He will be doing sinful acts for his livehood. He will have base mentality regarding Morality in business.


If Libra is in the ascendant, the native is a just like a servant whose body and character are rough. He is weak, ungrateful, fickle, and lazy person. He is famous for business and property.

His body is phlegmatic and windy by nature. He is thin and tall in physique. He is quarrelsome by nature. He has no morality regarding sexual relationships. He will crushing others but himself has many types of sorrows. He is intelligent person whose eyes are big, black, and beautiful. 

He will be trader. He delights in welcoming gods and Brahman. He is clever in serving and honouring the elders. He is father of sons who is to be honoured among wise men. He is very practical according to current circumstances and pure man. He is dear to his brothers.
His family is injured by serving evil people. His relatives and son are hostile to him. His wife is ill-mannered lady. His enemies has no enough strength. His mind is busy in thinking about dharma.

He is not steady in many kinds of activity. Also he is attached to such type of acts which results are harsh and terrible. He may dies from phlegm diseases, breaking, quadrupeds, women, bondage, wandering, drinking, drugs, or defects.

Vridha Yavanjatak 

The Libra Ascendant people will lives on own jobs and intelligency. He will be dear to scholar. He will know all sorts of arts. He will be fickle by nature. Women gets victory over him.

Bhavratn Ratnakar

1. Saturn is a yogakaraka.

Logic :- Saturn is lord of 4th and 5th house means both Center and trine house.

Though lord of 3rd and 6th, Jupiter is also capable of producing yogas.

Logic :- In general consideration Jupiter is functional malefic for Libra Ascendant because it is lord of two dussthan(3rd and 6th). Buy author want to tell us in same time it is lord of 2 upachay house so it may power to produce some yogs regarding wealth.

2. Mars doesn’t become a maraka. although it lords the 2nd and 7th houses .

Logic :- I think this is not true. Mars may capable to kill or may cause death of Native. But main moto of author, I think he want to tell us Mars is neutral for Libra Ascendant. During dasa of Mars native may gets prosperity and wealth.

3. If a)Jupiter and Venus are associate either by combination or aspect

        b) or both Jupiter and Venus are aspected by Saturn and Mars

        c)or both Jupiter or Venus in the sign of Saturn and Mars

Then, Jupiter or Venus dasas and bhuktis, the native suffers from skin infections such as small pox and wounds.

Logic – Jupiter and Venus are enemy to each other and when it is aspects by Mars and Saturn two natural Malefic then it may cause skin related problems or wounds.

4. If Sun and Mercury are in Virgo and aspected by Saturn, the father will be

fortunate and his life span is medium.

Logic :- Sun is karak of Father and placed in 12th house and aspects by Saturn which is 8th from 9th house and enemy of Sun which is indicating reduction of life span of father. So author suggested medium life span.

But Sun is placed in 4th from 9th house with excellent Mercury and aspects by Saturn which is also 9th house lord from 9th house. All above condition  suggested that his father may be fortunate person.

5. If Mars is in association with Sun, Saturn and Mercury, then Mars produces immense good results.

Logic :- Above combination is very good Rajyyog and wealth yog combination.

6. If Sun, Mercury and Saturn are combined with either Moon or Mars, a rajayoga is produced .

Logic :- Again above combination is good Rajyyog and wealth yog. Actually author wants to tell us though Moon and Mars are seems functional malefic but if in above condition then it’s produce good results during his dasa.

7. Sun-Venus-Mercury combination in lagna, then native will be fortunate and wealthy .

Logic :- Combination of 11th lord and 1st lord and 9th lord in lagan may producing very good rajyyog. Also Sun and Venus is making Neechbhang Rajyyog.

8. Mercury, Saturn and Venus, in lagan then Mercury dasha will be fruitful.

 Logic :- It is powerful Rajyyog. 

 Moon and Mars in Aries in 7th house the n Mercury dasa will prove fruitful.

Logic:- Moon and Mars is making ChandraMangal yog  which is 11th and 9th from house of Mercury. That’s why it may also gives effect during Mercury Dasha.  Apart from this above Combination of Moon and Mars is also making Dhan yog.

9. The presence of Mars and Mercury in Leo, Jupiter in Taurus and Saturn in Gemini creates a rajayoga .

Logic – Jupiter in Taurus sign means 8th house, is making Viparit Rajyyog. Saturn as yogkarak placed in 9th is very auspicious. Mars and Mercury in 11th house of Gemini sign is good wealth yog.

10. If Moon is in lagna with Jupiter either in Virgo or Pisces, the Saturn dasa brings in wealth and fortune .

11. Venus becomes a maraka if he’s in the ascendant .

12. If the Saturn is in lagna and Moon in Cancer, a rajayoga results .

13. If Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and Mars are in Aquarius, and Rahu is in Cancer, then native enjoy dips in holy rivers like the Ganga during the Rahu dasa

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