Jupiter And Venus Conjunction

Effect Of Jupiter And Venus Conjunction

1) Jupiter and Venus both are karak planet for wealth and money. So Jupiter and Venus Conjunction makes native wealthy and rich. It is consider one of the best dhanyoga.

2) Native may be spiritual and natural healer. He may be good looking. He may has some hidden knowledge, even he doesn’t know about this.

3) Native may be very very wise. He may be a very successful financial adviser. He has very good ministerial quality. He may be dear to administration or authority.

4)Native may has very good reputation even also for his prosperity. He will make money from his knowledge.

5) Native may has very good wife. She belongs to reputed family. She may be religious. She may be natural teacher. Some sort of misunderstanding may be possible between both. But they have good attachment with each other. Native may has good success after his marriage.

6) One negative point of this yoga, native may be suffering from diabetes.

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