Jupiter And Saturn Conjunction

Effect Of Jupiter And Saturn Conjunction

1) Jupiter and Saturn conjunction is consider very auspicious for native. In kaalpurush chart this combination is known as dharma karma adipati yoga.

2) Native may be religious. Native may be spiritual. He loves to do meditation. He may try to follow the right paath in his life. He may be devote of lord shiva.

3) Native may be fortunate. He may be hard worker. He may be wealthy. Once he take the effort he must be getting success.

4) Native may be natural adviser. He may be a true guide. He may be teacher. He may be kind and helpful.

5) Native may be in reputed profession. He may be in government jobs. He may be administrator. He may be doctor(physician).

6) Native will getting support by lower class public. He may be politician having good support of public but not crooked by mind. He may be head of any organisation, town or city.

7)Native may be famous person. His elder brother may also having reputation.

8) Native may be suffering from cough related issues. Due to his subconscious mind, he can hear some internal voice.

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