Jupiter And Rahu Conjunction

Effect Of Jupiter And Rahu Conjunction

1) Jupiter and Rahu conjunction is known as Chandal dosh. Many people fear to hear this type of very strong fearful words but it has also some good results.

2) Native may be internally crooked. He may be greedy in nature. He may be expert in fishing others. He will be showoff his good nature.

3) Native may be political minded. He may be good diplomat. He may be getting success in politics.

4) Native may be suffering from weak health. He may be suffering from incurable disease. He may be suffering from gastric related issues. Native may has liver or jaundice type issues. He may be suffering from sudden accidents or embarrassing situation, or police issues.

5) Native may has good earning of money. He may has multiple source of earnings. But just like sudden gain, he has also sudden loss.

6) His grandfather may be very reputed person. But native has not able to maintain such sort of status.

7)Native may has connection with foreigner people. He may has foreign journey.

8) As per as our vedic believe, such type of person must be avoid black magic or such type of things. Otherwise such things may be dangerous or cause life threatening.

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