Introduction Of Leo Ascendant

Leo Ascendant or Simha Lagna

When at the time of birth Leo sign is rising sign or lagna then native belongs to Leo Ascendant. Or in other words at your birth time leo sign is rising in eastern horizon in the sky you belong to Leo Ascendant. Lagna lord or ascendant lord of leo ascendant will be Sun. Let’s know the meaning of Leo ascendant

Meaning Of Leo Ascendant

  • 1st house has Leo sign and lord is Sun.
  • 2nd house has Virgo sign and lord is Mercury.
  • 3rd house has Libra sign and lord is Venus.
  • 4th house has Scorpion sign and lord is Mars.
  • 5th house has Sagittarius sign and lord is Jupiter.
  • 6th house has Capricorn sign and lord is Saturn.
  • 7th house has Aquarius sign and lord is Saturn.
  • 8th house has Pisces sign and lord is Jupiter.
  • 9th house has Aries sign and lord is Mars.
  • 10th house has Taurus Sign and Lord is Venus.
  • 11th house has Gemini sign and Lord is Mercury.
  • 12th house has cancer sign and Lord is Moon.

Functional Benefic planet for Leo Ascendant

Mars is lord of 4th house so according to Kendradhipati rules it is beneficial planet and again mars is lord of 9th house which is most beneficial trikona (trine) so beneficial planet. So Mars is most beneficial for Leo Ascendant. AgainMars has lord ship of both trine (Lakshmi sthan) and Kendra (Vishnu sthan). So Mars is Yogkarak planet for Leo Ascendant.

Sun is lagna lord so sun is beneficial planet for Leo Ascendant.

Functional Malefic for Leo ascendant

Mercury is lord of 2nd and 11th house so it is malefic for Leo ascendant.

Venus is lord of 3rd (dussthan) and lord of 10th house (Kendradhipati dosha) so it is Malefic for Leo Ascendant.

Neutral For Leo Ascendant

Jupiter is lord of 5th house (beneficial) and lord of 8th house (malefic) so it is consider Neutral for
Leo ascendant

Moon is lord of 12th house but friend of Sun so it is Neutral.

Saturn is lord of 6th house (malefic) and 7th house( Kendradhipati rule it is beneficial ) so it is Neutral for Leo Ascendant. But Saturn is enemy for lagna lord Sun so as per as placement it may be malefic.

Marak for Leo ascendant

Marak house is 2nd and 7th so lord house is Markesh so Mercury and Saturn is Marak for Leo Ascendant.

Body physique of Leo ascendant

Body physique depends on 1st house. 1st house has leo sign and lord is sun. So their physical constitutions are according to natural significant of leo sign and Sun. So generally they are average tall in heights. Their face is egg shape. They have magnetic attraction on face (due to leo and Sun significant). They have magnetic attractions on face(it is because 2nd house which is belong to face and for Leo Ascendant Virgo sign is falling in 2nd house ). So they are able to appearing between crowd means looking in crowd (due to their magnetic attraction). They have strong physical constitution.

Health of leo ascendant

Leo and Sun both are firey in nature. So Leo Ascendant body have excess fire element (my means Agni tatvas ki pradhanta). So they are suffering from Pitta dosha.

Mentalities, Behavior, Nature of leo ascendant

Sun is king of planet so generally leo ascendant may be interested in treating own self just like King. He may be independent from brain (1st house belongs to brain and 1st house has leo effect on brain ) so doesn’t believe in pressurized but believe to pressurized other.

Leo ascendant 4th house has scorpion sign so according to scorpion qualities his mind has hidden qualities. His mind has generated a lot of problem. Leo Ascendant has a lot of hidden desires in their mind.

5th house has sagittarius sign for Leo Ascendant so he may be religious by nature. He may be kind, nobel and forgive others fault( if he want to give forgiveness). Apart from this he may be inclined towards money making from mind. This tends to leo native to enjoying striking life (leo and sagittarious quality).

Due to 4th house has scorpion sign impact and 1st house leo sign, native may be selfish from mind (natural qualities of sun and leo and scorpio in 4th house which belongs to mind gives this qualities).

Native may be self centric, self interest and jealousy from inner quality of leo native. Also scorpion mind makes him just like philosopher. Apart from this, he may be modern from brain because 1st house has leo sign which belongs to brain and which lord is Sun who represent modern attitude.

5th house has sagittarius sign which is a dual sign which is indicating mentalities of native may has dual mentality. But 1st house has fixed sign so he may be rigid in nature. So we can say that they may be adjustable but doesn’t changeable from mentality. He may be not following natural rule of others but he make their self rules due to King quality of Leo).

Leo ascendant may be lazy from mentality (because mentality is belong to 5th house and 1st house and Sagittarius shows laziness and leo own self lazy by nature.)

Leo ascendant may be ill by temper ( because 4th house belongs to mind, scorpion has ill temapar. 1st house belong to brain, leo is fire sign so again hot in temper, 5th house belong to mentality and it is also fiery sign). This sort of effect show only when any body disturbed him. In general Leo will shows peaceful mind.

Leo ascendant may be good in speech (Virgo effect on 2nd house) and communication (practical and balance approach of libra effect on 3rd house). They love music, arts and history.

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